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Multiple taxonomies

  • Support multiple linguistic taxonomies at same time, retrieve topics and subtopics for different language domains
  • Use the best context for Advertising, semantic users clustering and researching domains.
  • Dynamic add new taxonomy tree.
  • Key component for DMP platform

Multipurposes use of semantic metadata


  • Detect article sentiment negative neutral positive during analysis
  • Allow brand protection in AD serving
  • Allow clustering with sentiment metadata

Automatic social management

Related Topics

  • Dynamic creation of related topics
  • Data range
  • Links to web and PDF

Dynamic generation of related links, No human costs / High precision

Multi format

  • Work over WEB and PDF same mode
  • Multi platform
    • PC
    • TABLET
    • WEB

Link web with subscription and paper

Data mining

  • Tools to perform semantic data mining over content database
  • Integrated with publisher CRM

Add value to metadata BigData analysis Parsing blogs survey unattended

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