Semantic Analysis Solution

Semantic engine 2.0: encompass limitation
of first generation semantic parsers

The system consists of a set of services based on multilingual semantic technology. Analyzing text our semantic engine is able to understand the meaning of words using a semantic interaction, in order to assign categories, extract entities, enrich the information with metadata. It can be used in different business areas as well as in government agencies to help finding answers to many needs, especially when you have to handle large volumes of information.


Semantic Analysis Solution

  • Multiple taxonomies in parallel
  • Sentiment detection
  • Entities Keywords
  • Related topics
  • HTML and PDF parsing
Semantics 2.0

Semantics 2.0

  • Uses statistical language analysis and “deep learning” algorithm to bypass linguistic analysis limits
  • High success rate on syntactical complex language like Ita/Ger/Fra …
  • Platform to power multiple solutions
  • Integration friendly open and documented
  • Ready to deploy on PDF reader
  • Easy non invasive integration into existing processes / web / databases.
Available as a service

Available as a service

  • High transaction availability (billions ... )
  • Full business continuity
  • H24 support
  • Web page integration

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