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Multiple taxonomies

The engine does support multiple linguistic taxonomies at same time, and perform real-time match of text with taxonomy and entities database that allow to automatically parse large amounts of data stored on different systems. This allow to discover relationships and contents relationships beyonds standards string and text matching.

Multipurposes use of semantic metadata


  • No human costs
  • Sentiment detection
  • RealTime scan
  • Scanning of PDF
  • Easy integration with CRM tools
  • Easy integration with legacy database and systems
  • Available on premises or on cloud (SAS)

Rating systems

Scanning and parsing of information could be integrated into rating systems to support creditworthiness processes.

Real time

Engine parse text in real time mode without need for human support or efforts and perform dynamic real time classification and discovery of new events and facts.

Trends assessment

Dynamic and continued parsing allow to manage trends assessment using either private data and public news, sentiment detection provide additional trend info for customer and market analysis.

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